About Laura de Grave

Hi! My name is Laura de Grave (1987). I am a Dutch culinary journalist, cookbook author and tv-host based in Amsterdam. As a freelancer I write for various culinary magazines and media among which Allerhande and Foodies magazine. I also wrote several books, including the Amsterdam cookbook, Dutch cookbook and Lekker lokaal (about local Dutch food). As tv-host I made the video series 'Lekker Lokaal', for TV channel 24Kitchen and the website of the Algemeen Dagblad (the biggest newspaper in the Netherlands). Just like for the Dutch cookbook, I cross for this series on an electric motor through the Netherlands in search of local products and dishes.

You can find all my latest projects on this portfolio website. I’m always open for fun, new articles (I like to pitch myself as well) and projects. If you think I can be helpful to you in any way – it would be lovely if you would contact me.