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Delicious local

The new Dutch kitchen is vegetarian, sustainable, easy and above all very tasty

‘Our way of dealing with food has changed a lot in the past 70 years. My grandmother still kept her own chickens and she bought vegetables and fruit from her own vegetable garden, supplemented with products that she bought nearby. Nowadays there are 150.000 products from all over the world in the supermarket. Your dinner plate can easily travel 20.000 miles.’

The Netherlands is a goldmine for good food and beautiful products, if you know what is grown and what to do with it. Cooking with local seasonal products is delicious and super fresh. Moreover, in the past year we have discovered how important it is to make conscious and sustainable choices.

Laura de Grave tells in Lekker lokaal (Delicious local) where you can find the best products in the Netherlands, and how you can then use them to cook delicious vegetarian dishes. She gives Dutch cuisine a modern, creative twist: how about homemade pancake pie or sausage bread with carrot?

‘Laura de Grave is thé kitchen princess of a new Dutch generation.’ Yvette van Boven

‘Sustainability is a big word, but Laura lives up to her words. Insightful, tasty and achievable. This is the future.’ Miljuschka Witzenhausen

‘Every time Laura starts talking about local produce and stories, a big smile appears on her face and her eyes twinkle.’ Metro

‘How strange we are indeed. If it is up to De Grave, it is simple. We have to go back to more local.’ Trouw

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